Webinar on Georgian Parliamentary Elections 2020

June 10, 2021

On behalf of the Georgian Association in the US we are delighted to invite you for a virtual discussion on “Georgian Parliamentary Elections 2020.” The panel examines and assesses how prepared the Georgian government is to successfully hold the elections at a time of the pandemic. The speakers highlight the role of the United States in supporting Georgia’s efforts to hold free and fair elections and to combat disinformation efforts on the part of the Russian government and other actors. The panelists also address the importance of the election from the regional perspective.

Keynote Remarks
Ambassador David Bakradze, Embassy of Georgia to the United States

Cheryl Fernandes, U.S. Department of State
Alex Sokolowski, The United States Agency for International Development
Nino Japaridze, Edison Research
Melissa Muscio, National Democratic Institute
Stephen B. Nix, International Republican Institute

Ia Meurmishvili, Voice of America